CXC E-Certificates

CONGRATULATIONS Student! You have completed your CXC courses, you now have the opportunity to acquire your official Certification, which is a great way to share your achievement with the world. Your CXC Certification is:

  • Ideal for sharing with potential employers – include it in your CV, professional social media profiles and job applications;
  • An indication of your commitment to continuously learn, upskill and achieve high results;
  • An incentive for you to continue empowering yourself through lifelong learning.

CXC now offers E-Certificate – a FREE downloadable E-Certificate in a digital format, immediately available to you in your electronic device; for completed courses. E-certificates are easily accessible, convenient and highly secured. It means owning your original record and controlling how you use, when you use it. You can include links to your CXC E-Certificate on your resume, public portfolio, or applications, so that colleges, Universities or potential employers can verify your qualifications with the click of a button.

For Colleges, Universities, and Employers, CXC E-Certificates add value to YOU because verification of records now only requires a mobile device or web browser and it’s:

  •  Instant
  •  Free
  •  Globally Accessible
The link to your CXC E-certificate will be sent to you by an email from CXC. This link is designed to be opened on your mobile device to automatically open the Blockcerts app so that you can import your e-certificate file – a coded file intended for secure storage. You can then store it wherever you like. Get your CXC E-Certificate in three easy steps:
  • Step one: Download the free mobile app. You will receive an invitation from CXC to download your Blockcerts app. Once installed, it's recommended that you copy your secure passphrase and store it somewhere safe. The passphrase lets you prove that you own your certificates if you ever delete the app or lose your phone.
  • Step two: Add CXC as an issuer. Once you have installed the app, click the link in the email to add CXC as an issuer. You only need to add them once; after that, they can send you as many certificates as you earn.
  • Step Three: Add your certificate to the app. When it’s time to receive your certificate, you will receive a second email from CXC with your actual certificate attached. This file is your real blockchain certificate. You can store it wherever you store your other important data files.Click the link in the email to add the certificate to your app, which will make certificate sharing and online display easy.

Your app is like a private folder - it’s cryptographically secured, so nobody but you has access to it. It lets you keep your certificates from many different organizations including CXC in one place on your own devices, so you don’t have to rely on anyone else to store your certificates. It’s not tied to any public identity you have (like a social media profile or a school account), so you choose when and how you want to share the information in your app. You are completely responsible for managing your app.

It will have a secure passphrase that only you has access to so make sure it’s saved in a secure place. If you ever delete your app or lose your phone, your passphrase will allow you to regenerate your app and prove you own your credentials.

If you lose your passphrase, it’s like losing the ID that says you are who you say you are; you will need to contact us to re-issue your CXC E-Certificate to you.

Having your CXC E-Certificate means that your original record is always in your possession. You control how it is used. You can choose to share your CXC E-Certificate publicly, like on a social media profile (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), or send your CXC E-Certificate privately by email or text message. Finally, you can include links to your CXC E-Certificate on your resume, public portfolio, or applications, so that people like potential employers can verify your qualifications with the click of a button.

After installing the Blockcerts App and adding CXC as an issuer, you can share your CXC E-certificate link. Follow the steps below to access and share your e-certificate link.
  • Open the Blockcerts Wallet App on your smartphone.
  • Select the Issuer (CXC)
  • Select the desired Blockcert (Important: You must import your e-certificate first to access your certificate link.)
  • Select “Share.”
  • Select “Share Link.”
  • You can choose to copy the certificate link or share it in an application of your choosing.
No. Every Blockcert is hosted at a public link. If you choose to share your link, the person with the link can verify the Blockcert with no additional software needed.
If you would like to save your certificate in a PDF format, follow the steps below. Important: The Blockcert will not be verifiable on the blockchain in PDF format but you can save this for personal use only.
  • Retrieve your Blockcert link using the steps in FAQ 4 above. You may wish to email or text the link to yourself for easy access.
  • Select, copy and paste the link into your preferred browser.
  • In the top-left browser menu, select “File.”
  • The select “Print.”
  • In the print menu options, select “Save As PDF”
Once a record is on the blockchain, it’s there forever. Your certificate may expire (if it’s time-delimited, like a license) or be revoked (if it was issued in error, or as part of a disciplinary action), but you will always have it in your possession. If it is expired or revoked, however, it will no longer verify as a valid certificate by third parties.
Once you import your CXC E-Certificate into the Blockcerts App, you can use your e-certificate link to view, share, and verify in a web browser.
  • Retrieve your Blockcert link using the steps in FAQ 4 above. You may wish to email or text the link to yourself for easy access.
  • Select, copy and paste the link into your preferred browser.
  • At the top right, click the “Share” button and select the social media site to share your Blockcert.
As long as you have your passphrase, you can import your CXC E-Certificate to a new app at any time and still prove it belongs to you. Just follow the three steps in FAQ 8 above): The passphrase allows you to maintain ownership of your CXC E-Certificate across multiple devices. For example, you can enter the passphrase into apps you download on your tablet or another phone, then import the same CXC E-Certificate to those apps, too.
If you lose your passphrase, there is no way to prove ownership of your CXC E-Certificate. It’s like losing the ID that says you are who you say you are; even if you still have your CXC E-Certificate, you can’t prove it’s yours. If this happens, you will need to download the app again, get a new passphrase, and contact us so we can re-issue your CXC E-Certificate to you.
Your e-certificate can be used to verify your credentials to prospective universities and employers. You can also publicly share your CXC E-Certificate with family members and friends socially or privately through text or email using your certificate link.

The verification process answers questions about the certificate’s integrity and validity:  

  • Is the certificate the same as when the issuer issued it? (i.e. how do I know it wasn’t tampered with?)
  • Was the certificate revoked?

The verification process ensures that the certificate you see wasn’t tampered with by comparing hashes with what is registered on the blockchain. It ensures the certificate wasn’t revoked through a convention that relies on spending transaction outputs.

This codebase allows the issuer and the recipient to make cryptographically strong claims: if either party owns a certificate’s issued-by or issued-to address, then they can also sign a statement with their corresponding private key. Only the owner of the corresponding private key can do this. The wallet (mobile app) and issuer software will provide a capacity to prove ownership if requested. Currently, the issuer provides a link to their credentials in the certificate, and the standard validation process performs a cryptographic check that the public key at that link actually signed the certificate.
Yes, the blockchain is an immutable and distributed store of transactions, with each block building upon the last. When a certificate is issued, its data is compressed into a hash and logged on the blockchain. This generates a “receipt” that can always be checked at a later date. The verification service validates the signature of the issuer and the certificate data; it also ensures that the certificate status has not expired or been revoked. The friendly version of the certificate displayed online may shift visually, depending on the device displaying it. For instance, it may appear one way in a mobile app and slightly differently in a web browser. While this display may be optimized for different circumstances, the data within the certificate can never be changed.

Certificates are immutable and cannot be updated. The issuer (CXC) may revoke certificates that have mistakes, or, if they simply left out an eligible recipient, the issuer may issue another batch. Want more on Blockcerts, then click here!

For more information about your CXC-E-Certificate, the blockchain certificate app or the issuing or verification process, please contact CXC Support at or (246) 227-1700.

A CXC E-Certificate costs USD$110.
Currently, E-Certificates are available for CSEC® and CAPE® certificates from 2007 to the present.