Enquiries about Writing Examinations

Enquiries about Writing Examinations

Q: I registered for examinations in Jamaica and my parents are relocating to Dominica. Can I take my examinations in Dominica?

A: Yes. You should contact the` CXC Local Registrar in your territory, Jamaica in this case, and ask that arrangements be made for you to write the examinations in Dominica. The Transfer Fee of BDS$27 must be paid to the Local Registrar in Jamaica; in exceptional cases, the fee may be paid in the territory where the examinations will be written. The Local Registrar in Dominica reserves the right to impose any additional fees deemed necessary.

Q: I am supposed to write an examination at the Dominion High School but the area where the school is located is flooded. Can I write the examination at a nearby centre?

A: Yes. CXC makes provision for candidates who are affected by events such as riots, flooding, fire and states of emergency to write examinations at centres other than their own.

Q: How should I dress to go to write an examination?

A: School candidates should wear their school’s uniform. Non-school candidates should dress modestly and smartly.

Q: What type or colour pens should be used to write examinations?

A: For essay-type examinations, ball point pens with black or dark blue ink should be used, unless otherwise instructed by CXC. The use of fountain pens and gel pens is not recommended.

Q: Would I be permitted to take blank paper into the examination room for use as rough work?

A: No. You will be provided with the necessary stationery in the examination room to complete the rough work.

Q: My calculator has many functional capabilities. Would I be permitted to use it in the examination?

A: The use of certain types of calculators is prohibited. Candidates are allowed to use silent non-programmable scientific calculators. If you have any doubts about the suitability of your calculator, you should seek, before the date of the examination, the advice of a Mathematics teacher or an individual with a good knowledge of calculators.

Q: Can two candidates share a calculator or geometry set during an examination?

A: No. Candidates are not permitted to lend or borrow one another’s examination materials or equipment.

Q: The Invigilator caught me with a cell phone in my pocket but it was turned off. Can I be penalised?

A: Yes. Cell phones and other electronic devices are not permitted in the examination room. If you are caught with one, either in an ‘on’ or ‘off’ position, you may have your results cancelled in that subject or be disqualified from the entire examination sitting.

Q: What information is required on the cover page of my answer booklet?

A: The registration or candidate number (10-digit), school or centre number (6-digit), name of school or centre, name of candidate, date-of-birth and signature of the candidate.

Q: I am a teacher of Caribbean History and have a query concerning tthe SBA. Should I contact CXC directly?

A: No. You should bring the query to the attention of the Principal of your school. If it cannot be resolved at that level, then the Principal should raise it with the CXC Local Registrar in your territory.

Q: Should the candidate or his/her parent contact CXC on issues such as registration, timetables, SBA, examination results, certificates or return of candidate’s work?

A: No. Such queries should be brought to the attention of the Principal in the case of school candidates, or to the attention of the Head of the examination centre in the case of out-of-school candidates.

Q: If I arrive at the examination centre 45 minutes after the start of the examination, would I be permitted to write the examination?

A: No. Candidates who arrive after the elapsed of the first 30 minutes of an examination, will not be allowed to sit the examination.

Q: I arrived 20 minutes after the start of the examination and was allowed to write the examination. Was the Examination Supervisor supposed to have given me extra time to complete the examination?

A: No. Candidates who arrive after the start of an examination will not be allowed extra time to make up for the time lost.

Q: When can a candidate leave the examination room?

A: A candidate may be allowed to discontinue work and leave the examination room at any time after the first 30 minutes of an examination session provided that the candidate surrenders the question paper and answer booklet. The candidate will not be readmitted to the examination room. Where a candidate is allowed to leave the examination room temporarily because of a pressing necessity such as a visit to the restroom, the candidate must be accompanied by a member of the invigilating staff or an attendant.

Q: What grade pencil should I use to grid my responses on the Multiple Choice answer sheet?

A: You should use a 3B pencil.

Q: I asked the Invigilator for a single sheet or an extra answer booklet to complete my responses but was informed that she was not allowed to provide candidates with additional stationery. Was she correct?

A: She was correct if the subject paper was one where the scripts are marked electronically. Adequate space for the candidates’ responses is provided on the answer booklet.

Q: What are the subject papers that will be marked electronically?

A: The list of subject papers whose scripts will be marked electronically may be found on the Council’s website, devcxcedu.wpengine.com

Q: The Examination Supervisor did not give me a Candidate’s Receipt after I handed her my answer booklet. What should I do?

A: You should insist on getting the Candidate’s Receipt. It is the only document you have to verify that you attended the examination. If for some reason you do not receive a Candidate’s Receipt, you should immediately contact the Principal of the school or the Head of the examination centre.

Q: How long should I keep the Candidate’s Receipt?

A: You are advised to keep the Candidate’s Receipt until you receive your results. If you do not receive your results, you should keep it until the issue has been resolved.