Q. I am the Principal of a school and wish to enquire about one of my students’ registration details.  Should I contact the Council directly?

A: No, the Council does not engage in direct contact with principals, teachers, candidates or parents/guardians of candidates.  All enquiries must be directed to the Council via the Office of the CXC Local Registrar.

As Principal, you should have access to the Online Registration System (ORS) so that you could view the registration status of each candidate at your school.


Q:  My son has been entered for Mathematics but it does not appear on his timetable. How can the correction be made?

A:  If a subject does not appear on the candidate’s timetable, it means that he is not registered for that particular examination.  The candidate should immediately bring the irregularity to the attention of the Principal of the school, Head of the examination centre or CXC Local Registrar for a resolution.  The same procedure would apply should an error appear with respect to a candidate’s name, date-of-birth or gender.

Candidates should ask their school/centre for a copy of their registration details (available in the Subjects Registered Report in the Online Registration System) so that the data keyed into the registration system may be checked and confirmed before it is sent to CXC by the school/centre.


Q: I am visually impaired and read Braille.  Is there any possibility that I could write the CXC examinations?

A:  Braille and enlarged print question papers are provided for candidates who require it.  The request for Special Assessment Arrangements – Form EXA 51 – and the required documentation must be submitted to the CXC Local Registrar by the stipulated deadline dates.  Please contact the CXC Local Registrar for the appropriate deadlines.


Q:  Is there an alternative examination for candidates who fall ill and unable to sit the examination?

A:   No – a subject is offered only once at any sitting.


Q:   How much does it cost to register for a subject offered by CXC?

A: The scale of fees provides the costs for the range of examinations offered by the Council. In addition to the fees charged by the Council, CXC Local Registrars may also impose local fees to off-set administrative and other processing costs.


Q:  I am planning a family vacation and would like to know the dates of the CXC examinations. How can I find out these dates?

A: Timetables, draft or final, may be found on the Council’s website, You may also contact your CXC Local Registrar for information pertaining to examination dates.


Q:  Where may I obtain a list of the subjects offered by CXC?

A:  Subject offerings may be accessed from the website:  The list of subjects can also be obtained from the CXC Local Registrar.


Q:   I am not attending any school or part-time educational institution but want to register for CSEC and CAPE examinations.  Can I use the Online Registration System on the Council’s website to register?

A: No.  All registration must be done through an approved examination centre.  The CXC Local Registrar normally operates examination centres to facilitate the registration of candidates not attending schools or other teaching institutions.


Q: Two subjects on my timetable are scheduled to be administered on the same day during the same session.  Can this clash be resolved?

A: Where two examinations offered by the Council clash on a candidate’s timetable, special arrangements may be made by the CXC Local Registrar to enable the candidate to write both examinations on the same day.  In order to avoid clashes, candidates are advised to consult the Council’s master timetables, draft or final, before registering for subjects.


Q: What is a Resit candidate?

A:   A Resit Candidate is any candidate who at the time of registering for an examination, opts to reuse his/her SBA marks obtained at an examination written before.  Regulations governing the reuse of the CCSLC and CSEC SBA marks stipulate that the candidate must have achieved 50 per cent or more of the total moderated SBA marks.  On the other hand, candidates registering for the Resit option for CAPE examinations are permitted to reuse any moderated SBA marks obtained, irrespective of the level.  The candidate must be registered for the ‘Resit’ option at the time of registration.


Q: Who is considered a Private candidate?

A:  Someone who is registered for examinations but is not attending a recognised full-time educational institution such as a school.  A private candidate may be registered at a part-time educational centre or at an examination centre operated by the CXC Local Registrar.  For the purposes of registering for examinations, the main difference between a private candidate and a full-time candidate is that a private candidate has the option of registering for the Alternative Paper to SBA, if it is offered for the particular subject.  Candidates at full-time educational institutions are not permitted to register for the Alternative Paper.


Q: Who is a Transfer candidate in CAPE?

A:   A Transfer candidate is one who opts to transfer his/her SBA from one Unit to another in seven (7) selective subjects: Economics, Geography, History, Law, Literatures in English, Management of Business and Sociology.  For example, if a candidate registers for History Units 1 and 2, he/she may opt to write the SBA in Unit 1 and use those same SBA marks for Unit 2.  The reverse is also allowed where the candidate submits the SBA for Unit 2 and uses the SBA marks for the Unit 1 examination.  The term “Transfer” here MUST not be confused with those candidates transferring from one centre to another or from one country to another.


Q: How do I qualify for a CAPE Associate Degree?

A: To qualify for a CXC® Associate Degree, a candidate must obtain acceptable grades (I –V) in at least eight (8) Units within a five-year period; the eight Units must include Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies and Integrated Mathematics.