100% Support for CXC’s 2020 Strategic Goals

100% Support for CXC’s 2020 Strategic Goals

Consistent with its ongoing commitment to its vision, the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) developed its 2020 Strategic Goal to set objectives and prioritise resources to address the most significant education concerns faced by the region in order to improve equity and learning.

CXC’s vision is to assure the global human resource competitiveness of the Caribbean through the provision of quality assurance in education and comprehensive certification. To that end, Registrar and CEO Glenroy Cumberbatch met recently with stakeholders to seek their commitment to the CXC 2020 Strategic Goals.

What is CXC 2020 Strategic Goals?

CXC continues to actively support the participation of learners, civil society, the private sector and teachers and schools with its 2020 Strategic Goals.

These goals are determined by what learners know, what they can do and what they understand. They seek to use cutting edge technologies, employing the multi-trait-multi-method matrix approach and embed the ways of knowing and learning in test preparation.

The intent of the 2020 Strategic Goals is two-fold:

  • to verify that learners have the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to contribute to social and economic development of the region; and
  • to elicit the evidence from learners to make reasonable judgement about their abilities.

CXC’s resulting objective is to certify learners with globally recognised qualifications through tests that would be offered electronically from January 2020.

Support for CXC 2020 Strategic Goals

Registrar and CEO Glenroy Cumberbatch said, “CXC has received 100% commitment by all partners to achieve CXC’s 2020 Strategic Goals. The existence of CXC robust regional education sector plans give CXC stakeholders greater confidence and enables them to better coordinate all efforts. CXC has aligned programmes of 2019/2020 to achieve common goals and developed a communication system that allows those goals to be on track throughout the process. Additionally, there will be continuous evaluations along the way to gauge the progress.



Here is a breakdown of the CXC 2020 Strategic Goals

  What Why How When
On Demand Tests Anyone



Make certification more accessible Flexible scheduling. Electronic delivery. 2020
E-Learning Hub Provide learning resources – including those recommended in syllabuses All learners should have access to learning material for the subjects that are pursuing All electronic platform complete with resources 2019
Test Administration (E-Testing) Examinations offered and taken Improved test preparation and test taking. Online

Begin and end online


Test Preparation Construct tests electronically Improve the quality of tests Automatic test construction 2019
Item Development Robust item bank (a repository of questions for the exam) Improved the validity and reliability of all tests TEIs Automatic item generations.

Procuring items.





Script Marking Mark scripts and capture scores electronically Improve accuracy and reliability Robust mark schemes.

On screen marking.

Augmented marking.




Results Delivery Reports and Certificates Provide timely and pertinent information Differentiated reports – learners etc.