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What is the CPEA?

The Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) is an assessment of the literacies required by all pupils exiting the primary school system.

The focus of this assessment is on a set of literacies which are common to all primary curricula across the region and are necessary for students to achieve at higher levels of education. These include:

  • mathematical
  • language
  • civic
  • scientific


All of which are solidly grounded in learning theories espoused by Piaget, Bruner and Vygotsky among others. The CPEA will therefore focus on the assessment of literacies and not individual subjects as is the case with traditional end-of-primary examinations.

Why the CPEA?

It is anticipated that the CPEA, as a regional assessment offered by CXC, will provide the foundations for a seamless transition to secondary education and facilitate portability of qualifications across the Caribbean Region and should:

1. assist with the quality measures in the primary education system;

2. offer a common measure across schools and territories in the region.

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