Divisions Development

Divisions Development

The Administrative and Operational Centres in Jamaica and Barbados were charged with the conduct of the Council’s business. The increasing volume and complexity of the work in 1977 necessitated an increase of the Council’s staff and more distinct definitions of work schedules for staff members.

At Headquarters, the administrative functions previously carried out by Registry staff were divided into a General Administration Division, an Examinations Administration Division, An Accounts Division, a Test and Research and Development Division and the common services sections of Typing, Records and Office Management.

The General Administration Division was the general staff, who were organized to perform the various functions of advertising and initiating action on matters of policy involving the divisions and sections; ensuring that policy and executive decisions are implemented and reported; organizing meetings including the preparation of agenda and papers of the Council and its Committees; and generally ensuring that the duties of CXC are performed timely and effectively and that its powers were properly exercised.

Today these functions are the mandate of the Office of the Registrar at Headquarters in Barbados

  • Heads of Headquarters (Position of Registrar)
1972-1978 Major H R Daniel
1978-1996 Mr Wilfred Beckles
1996-1998 Mrs Irene Walter
1998-2008 Dr Lucy Steward
2008-2014 Dr Didacus Jules
2014-2018 Mr Glenroy Cumberbatch
2018-Present Dr Wayne Wesley

The office in Jamaica, known as the Western Zone Office (WZO) because of its operational responsibility for the geographical area described in the Agreement staff members concentrated their activity on matters relating to the School Examinations Committee and its SubCommittee, subject panels, syllabus formulation and national Committees.

In 1979, the Western Zone Office assumed operational responsibility for Belize, Jamaica and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

  • Heads of the WZO (Position of Pro-Registrar)
1974-1996 Mrs Irene Walter
1997-1998 Mrs Jennifer Cheesman
1998 Mrs Faye Saunders, OIC
2000-2005 Dr Stafford Griffith
2005-2007 Mr Wesley Barrett
2007-2014 Mr Glenroy Cumberbatch
2014-2020 Dr Carol Granston
2021-Present Dr Eduardo R. Ali