At the end of October 2012, the partnership between CXC and RosettaStone for the provision of language learning software to enhance the teaching and learning of foreign languages came to an end. The agreement commenced with a one-year pilot of the programme in schools in Barbados, Belize, Cayman Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago in October 2011. However, the results and feedback received suggested that the RosettaStone software may not be the best suited to assist candidates preparing for the CXC Modern Languages examinations.

Tell Me More

CXC conducted research into other language learning providers to ascertain which provider would help CXC to meet its objective of assisting candidates to achieve better results. Tell Me More (TMM), an alternative language learning software provider, was deemed appropriately suited to candidates’ needs. Consequently, negotiations were held with TMM and a small pilot of the programme commenced in schools in Barbados, Belize, Jamaica, St Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago in October 2012.