During the year under review, the Council continued its efforts to reach out to universities and other academic-related institutions to ensure full understanding of CXC’s examinations and qualifications.

One of the major accomplishments this year was the recognition received from the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) for both CAPE and CSEC qualifications.


AR (PI and CS) was invited to present a session at the Annual Conference of the American Association of College Registrars and Admission Officers (AACRAO) in Philadelphia. The presentation was entitled “Understanding Credentials and Articulation Agreements: Tools for marketing Higher Education in the Caribbean.” The session was well received by those in attendance and was rated excellent on the evaluation.

During the conference, AR (PI and CS) met with several universities and institutions to discuss relationships with CXC and in particular credits for CAPE.

While in Philadelphia he visited four universities in the area and made presentations to their International Admissions Department staff. The schools visited were University of Pennsylvania, Villa Nova University, Drexel University and Bryn Mawr College.


AR (PI and CS) attended annual NAFSA Conference in Houston, Texas in May and presented on a panel on the topic “Effective Strategies for US Recruiting in the Caribbean.” The other members on the Panel were Fred Johnson from Johnson and Wales University and Ms Stephanie Niederhausen, Programme Officer at the US State Department.

At the conference discussions were held with representatives from Saint Leo University, SUNY, Oklahoma State University, Institute of Technology, Xavier University of Louisiana, Iowa State University, Marygrove College. In addition, he met with representatives from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan to discuss the move by a university in Taiwan to ask a Caribbean student to take English as a second language examination.

Additionally, he attended the Latin America and Caribbean Member Interest Group meeting where the US Government 100,000-Strong In the Americas was discussed; and the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Member Interest Group meeting.

Following the meeting at NAFSA, St Leo University published its CAPE Equivalency Chart and Iowa State University of Science and Technology published its CAPE and CSEC grade equivalencies.

College fairs

The Council participated in college fairs in St Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago. During the fairs, CXC representatives interacted with several representatives from universities in North America, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.