This year, the Council continued on its path as a learning institution and ensuring that new staff members were oriented into the “CXC way”. This was done through staff integration workshops which took place in January at both Headquarters in Barbados and the Western Zone Office in Jamaica.

Employee engagement

An engagement survey was carried out among employees during the year under review. The goal was to determine the areas for improvement as well as develop improvement plans. The survey will be repeated next year in order to assess whether there was improvement.

It analysed and reported the results according to Divisions. The effectiveness of the Human Resource Division was also assessed at the same time and areas for improvement were identified and development plans implemented to effect to address those areas. This will also be re-assessed next year to determine the impact of the implementation of the development plans. In keeping with the focus on organizational improvement, the Human Resource Division was targeted for improvement and all members of that Division became members of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). HR staff members who were not yet certified were provided with materials to assist with preparation for certification with the overall goal of having all members certified within the next two years. In addition, Mrs Judith Taylor attended the SHRM conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

In recognition that organizational improvement is dependent on human performance improvement, Mrs Roslyn Harewood-Blackman attended the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) conference in Denver, Colorado, and completed the first course in a five-course Human Performance Improvement certification programme. Mr Verieux Mourillon attended the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) conference in the United Kingdom in November.



The following persons will retire from the Council effective 31st December 2012, after various lengths of dedicated service:

Anderson Marshall 1st February 2002
Dr Gordon Harewood 1st February 1990
Leona Emtage 1st October 1998
Valerie Gilkes 3rd May 1976
Norman Austin 19th June 1989
Violet Dwyer 1st July 1981

Long Service Awardees

5 Years

  • Dionne Hunte
  • Sharon Brathwaite
  • Konrad Cadogan
  • Lynn-Marie Austin-Thorne
  • Glenroy Cumberbatch
  • Arana Thompson

10 Years

  • Anderson Marshal
  • Paula Nicholls
  • Maria Foster
  • Kemba Gordon
  • Sean Wilson
  • Roslyn Harewood-Blackman
  • Cleveland Sam
  • Sheryl Shirley-McGregor
  • Ava Henry
  • Sheree Deslandes
  • Alsian Brown-Perry

15 Years

  • Avonda Foster
  • Anthony Haynes
  • Eleanor McKnight

20 Years

  • Esther Leacock
  • Julianne Williams

25 Years

  • Andrea Gill-Mason
  • Noel Stephens