CXC participated in ‘100 Improvements in 100 Days,” a motivational national engagement, creativity and innovation challenge sponsored by the National Initiative for Service Excellence Inc (NISE). The challenge ran from 23rd January to 1st May 2012.

This employee-driven challenge was opened to all public and private sector organisations, with an aim to enhance employee engagement through focus on positive, sustainable improvements to work policies, processes and attitudes. All employees were to identify and implement improvements within their organisations.

The Registrar noted that CXC’s leadership fully supported this venture as he believed the challenge complemented CXC’s own transformation and continuous improvement programme. It was seen as a means to effect organisational enhancement, improve CXC’s internal processes and enhance customer service effectiveness.

CXC embraced the challenge and a Steering Committee chaired by Mrs Deborah Currency-Hunte and included Dr Yolande Wright, Michelle Stephens, Heather Herbert, Sean Wilson, Wayne Morgan and Emsy Walkes-Sealy. The committee selected the champions in each division to help with driving the momentum in the respective divisions: Andrea Callender, Andrea Gooding, Anette Quimby, Heather Sobers, Janelle Hooper, John King; Karene Holder; Kath-Ema Armstrong and Sharon Dowrich.

Following the official launch of the programme by the Registrar, ‘bright ideas’ posters were erected throughout the organisation. Two members of the committee, Heather Herbert and Wayne Morgan participated in a radio show at Mix 96.9 FM and were a part of the 100 improvements documentary filmed by NISE.

The response of staff was overwhelming and a total of 220 submissions from 93 per cent of the staff were received.

Internally, CXC congratulated its staff for their performance in the ‘100 Improvements in 100 Days’by awarding the following individual prizes to staff members for their participation:

Individual with most submissions
Wayne Morgan

Division with most submissions
The Registrar’s Office

Most Innovative submission
Sheldine Robinson

Idea with the widest impact
Deborah Currency-Hunte

Consolation prizes were also awarded as follows:

2nd Place at the National Level
Individual with most submissions
Simone Pasmore

3rd Place at the National Level
Individual with most submissions
André Blair

At the national level, CXC won three of the prestigious 100 Improvements national awards:

  • The 100 improvements Efficiency Award
  • The Minister of Labour’s
  • Most Valuable Individual (MVI) Award, and
  • The NISE Service Excellence Award

Kim Tudor, CEO of NISE in offering congratulations to the CXC stated, “We at the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE) Inc. are absolutely delighted with the outstanding performance of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) in the recently concluded 100 Improvements in 100 Days Challenge”.