Students from schools in Jamaica dominate the 2016 CSEC Regional Top Awards list, however, a student from Queen’s College in Guyana has again topped the list of outstanding performers.

Kayshav Tewari of Queens’ College, Guyana is the winner of the Most Outstanding Candidate Overall in the 2016 CSEC examinations. Kayshav achieved Grade I in 16 subjects. He also wins the award for the Most Outstanding Candidate in the Sciences.

He achieved Grade I in: Additional Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Caribbean History, Economics, English A, English B, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Geography, Huma and Social Biology, Information Technology, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Physics, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Religious Education, Social Studies and Spanish.

Three students from Jamaica are in winners row this year. Sahara Pinnock of Holy Childhood High School cops the Business Award with Grade I in ten subjects. She achieved Grade I in Caribbean History, Economics, English A, Information Technology, Mathematics, Office Administration, Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business, Social Studies and Spanish.

Danielle Williams of Campion College, Jamaica gets the award for the Best Short Story. The story is based on the stimulus: “He looked nervously around him and decided that the time was right. It was now or never.”

The other Jamaican awardee is Jevauny Simpson of St Georges College for Most Outstanding Performer in 2-Dimensional Art in the Visual Arts examination. “This is an excellent example of drawing in which the candidate demonstrates mastery of technical skills, superior understanding of the medium and design principles to create a composition that is creative, innotive and aesthetically appealing,” the Chief Examiner stated.

Sydni Walker of St Joseph’s Convent, Grenada gets the award for Most Outstanding Performer in Business Studies. Sydni achieved Grade I in ten subjects and Grade II in one subject: Biology, Caribbean History, English A, English B, Geography, Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Social Studies and Spanish.

Glevaughn Smith of Edward P Yorke High School in Belize is the winner of the Technical/Vocational Award with 16 subjects, 15 Grade Is and two Grade IIs. He achieved Grade I in Building Technology (woods), Chemistry, English A, English B, Food and Nutrition, Electronic Document Preparation and Management, Geography, Huma and Social Biology, Information Technology, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Physics, Technical Drawing, Physical Education and Sport, and Grade II in Office Administration, and Spanish.

Moesha Tyson has ensured that Bishop Anstey High School of Trinidad and Tobago has a hat-rick of wins in the 3-Dimensional Art Award. Moesha’s piece is taken from the Sculpture and Ceramics Option and is entitled “Old Boot.”

Commenting on the selection of Moesha’s work, the Chief Examiner noted, “The product exhibits great technical skill, sensitivity to the medium and mastery of the construction technique. In that the candidate demonstrates excellent understanding of the medium, and has used the clay to convincingly communicate motion, gravity, weight, texture, emotion and atmosphere.”

As a result of Kayshav’s performance, Queen’s College Guyana will receive the CSEC School of the Year award, a prize which Queen’s College has won numerous times in the last 10 years.

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