There was minimum staff turnover for 2016 and the Human Resource Department was able to effectively fill any vacancies which resulted from retirement and resignation. The below graph show CXC staff turnover for 2016:


CXC welcomed the following staff members who commenced full-time employment with the Council in 2016:

Mr Stephen Savoury
Director of Operations (Examination Services)
4 January

Mr James Young
Assistant Registrar – Measurement Officer (EDPD)
4 January

Ms Andrea Austin
Assistant Registrar – Marketing Officer (Examination Services)
1 February

Mr Howard Campbell
Senior Assistant Registrar – Syllabus and Curriculum Development Unit (WZO)
1 May

Mrs Althea Morgan-Mitchell
Stenographer Clerk – Syllabus and Curriculum Development Unit (WZO)
1 May

Mrs Norlette Leslie-Yearde
Assistant Registrar – Syllabus and Curriculum Development Unit (WZO)
9 June

Captain James Maloney
Assistant Registrar – Measurement Officer (EDPD)
1 September

Mr Dwayne Gamble
Assistant Registrar – Measurement Officer (EDPD)
1 September


This year the Council bid farewell to the following eight persons:

Dr Charles Mayenga
Senior Assistant Registrar (EDPD)
15 January

Mrs Miranda Sealy
Assistant Registrar (EAS)
29 January

Ms Kathyann Maynard
Senior Clerk – Compensation & Benefits – Temporary (HR)
29 February

Mr David Worrell
Assistant Registrar –
Programme Coordinator (USAID Project)
31 March

Dr Margaret Niles
Assistant Registrar (USAID Project)
31 March

Mrs Denise Persaud
Senior Clerk – Programme Assistant (USAID Project)
31 March

Mr Miguel King
Assistant Registrar – Measurement Officer (EDPD)
11 September

Mrs Nadine Walker-Wright
AR – Measurement Officer (EDPD)
20 October


The Council also bid farewell to the following employees:

Mrs Maureen Grazette 15 September 2005 12 September 2016
Mrs Marine Hall-Edey 1 April 1988 31 December 2016
Mr Anthony Haynes 13 January 1997 31 December 2016

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