February 8
AR (PICS) and the Registrar were guests on Radio Anguilla discussion programme with host Keithstone Greaves. The focus of the discussion was CCSLC.

February 9
AR (PICS) and the Registrar were guests on ATV one-hour current affairs programme in Anguilla.

February 11
The Registrar was interviewed for two television programmes by the Government Information Service in St Lucia. The programme is call Let’s Talk Education

March 12
AR –PICS gave an interview to Jamaica Information Service at the KingstOOn Festival, speaking about the new subject Animation and Game Design

Dr Annette Piper gave an interview at the KingstOOn Festival about Animation and Game Design.

April 8
The Registrar participated in a live television programme on ZIZ television hosted by Mr Solomon Claxton, CXC Local Registrar for St Kitts and Nevis entitled Round Table

April 25
The Registrar gave an interview to DBS television in St Lucia

AR (PICS) and the Registrar gave interviews to Choice television about the Visual Arts Exhibition

April 26
The Communications Unit of the Ministry of Education, St Lucia interviewed Dr Phyllis Hill, facilitator of the Visual Arts workshop

April 27
Think Caribbean Television interviewed AR – PICS about the Visual Arts exhibition in St Lucia

April 28
Pete Ninvalle, an independent journalist interviewed AR-PICS about the Visual Arts exhibition for his news website.

August 17
Mr Stephen Savoury, Director of Operations was a guest on Nationwide Radio, Jamaica Nationwide at 5 current affairs programme to discussion E-Testing

August 21
Mr Stephen Savoury, Director of Operations was a guest on CBC Radio’s In the Spotlight current affairs programme to discussion E-Testing

August 25
AR (PICS) was interviewed by RJR Radio in Jamaica for the current affairs Programme Beyond the Headlines.


During the year under review, several press releases were issued to the media.

January 27
Dutch Education Delegation Visiting CXC

February 20
CXC Makes Key Staff Appointments

February 29
Give Prominence to IT

March 7
Launch of Animation and Game Design Syllabus

March 16
Extra Answer Sheet

April 23
CXC Visual Arts Exhibition goes to St Lucia

July 20
Launch of Green Engineering Syllabus

August 5
Anguilla to Host Release of Results

August 17
CAPE May/June 2016 Results

August 22
CSEC May/June 2016 Results

September 13
Late Submission of SBAs

September 27
Statement from CXC and Ministry of Education, Youth and Information High Level Meeting

October 14
Launch of CAPE Financial Services Syllabus in the Virgin Islands (UK)

November 17
Barbados Hosting CXC Council Meeting

November 23
Regional Top Awards

November 24
CXC UK Visit 


CSEC results, St Lucia [Video]

Radio Anguilla interview [Article]

Visual Arts Exhibition, St Lucia [Video]

Release of Results in Anguilla [Article]

PICS speaking at opening of Walden University in Suriname [Video]

Video edition of Communications Bulletin [Video]

Release of results – Anguilla [Video]

Stephen Savoury on move to E-testing [Video]

News stories about non-submission of SBA for CSEC at one school in Jamaica

Launch of Animation and Game Design syllabus

CXC at KingstOON


Two issues of the Caribbean Examiner magazine were published and distributed. The May issue focused on the opening of the new CXC Headquarters, while the October issue focused on electronic testing.

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