The CXC 2016 marketing plan was approved by the Administrative and Finance Committee in April, following its development by the Assistant Registrar - Marketing Officer (AR-MO) who was recruited in February. The key objective of the marketing plan was to increase the number of candidate and subject registrations for 2017 examinations.

The plan was executed in two phases. Phase One consisted of market research which was conducted in the form of focus groups and interviews in a sample of CXC territories. Sessions were held with parents of secondary school students, adult learners, administrators and instructors from private centres, and employers. The research identified common needs, preferences, experience and values among these groups which were given consideration in developing the messaging and content of the marketing campaign, thereby assisting the Council in increasing its responsiveness to its customers.

Phase Two of the plan consisted of the implementation of the marketing campaign which comprised advertising, information forums, sponsorships and stakeholder engagement activities.

An advertising campaign was executed using traditional and online media to promote the open registration period for 2017 examinations in CXC territories. Advertising was also used to boost awareness of select CXC products and support resources. The campaign used the tagline “You’re In Control” to promote the idea that learners are empowered to take control of their educational journey. To underscore this concept, supporting slogans used were “CXC.ORG: Interactive, Accessible, Easy” referring to the website’s provision of information on CXC products and support resources and “Start Here Succeed Anywhere” affirming that CXC qualifications provide a solid educational springboard that can launch learners anywhere they want to go in life.

Information forums were conducted in several venues including secondary schools and parent-teacher association meetings to provide guidance in the areas of examination products, subject selection and examination preparation.

Print and digital materials and video segments were created to support all elements of the marketing campaign especially those relating to select CXC products and support resources.

Marketing also played a key role in strategic communications planning for the Council’s examination services consulting projects and critical initiatives such as e-Testing. The AR-MO worked closely with the Assistant Registrar – Public Information and Customer Services and Assistant-Registrar-WebMaster to ensure a unified communications approach.

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