Beverlyn Henry wins the 2015 WZO Employee of the Year

Beverlyn Henry wins the 2015 WZO Employee of the Year


The Employee of the Year award programme, is based on the performance of staff members during the period January to December of every year. The objective is to reward outstanding effort and high performance, encourage innovative and strategic thinking, encourage efficiency, effectiveness and high productivity, motivate staff members and to reinforce the aims and objectives of CXC and to ensure that employee behavior is directed to their attainment.

As always the winner of this year’s award will receive a miniature plaque with their name inscribed. The employee’s name will also be inscribed on an institutional plaque which shall be displayed prominently in the lobby area at the Western Zone Office. Additionally, the employee will receive a three-day, all-expenses paid trip to Headquarters. The Employee of the Year will be expected to present the award in 2017, to his/her successor.

The Council is pleased to announce the award for the WZO Employee of the Year 2015 to Beverlyn Henry of the Finance and Office Management Division.

Beverlyn’s employment relationship with CXC dates back to 22 June 1998, when she first joined as Maid/Cleaner in the Finance and Office Management Division (formerly the Administration Unit). Her position was reclassified in November 2007 which resulted in her title being changed to Office Assistant. She was later promoted to the post of Office Attendant on 1 January 2012.

Beverlyn Henry is revered by her colleagues for being an excellent team player. She is always willing to assist persons across the organization, and can always be called upon to take on additional tasks, whenever the need arises. She consistently supports activities of the Council, contributes significantly, and demonstrates a high level of commitment to the work of the FOM Division and the Council.

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