CAPE and CSEC syllabuses revised

CAPE and CSEC syllabuses revised

The Sub-Committee of the School Examinations Committee (SUBSEC) met in April and approved the revision for several CAPE and CSEC syllabuses.

The CAPE Literatures in English syllabus was approved with amendments that include change in the format of Paper 01 from short answers to 45 multiple choice questions; an update to the list of prescribed texts for 2018-2022; reduction in the number of questions on Paper 02 to make it more psychometrically robust; and revisions to the Aims, General Objectives and Content.

The revised syllabus will be effective for teaching from September 2017 and for first examination in May/June 2018.

The report of the Review Committees for Biology, Chemistry and Physics was presented to SUBSEC. Among the rationale for the revisions of the CAPE sciences was to include inquiry-based learning and the STEM methodology as part of the assessment process.

The proposed changes common to the CAPE sciences syllabuses would be made to the Rationale, Aims, Content, General and Specific Objectives. There would also be the inclusion of suggested practical activities. The outline of the assessment includes Paper 01 consisting of 45 multiple choice questions, Paper 02 comprising three compulsory structured essays, and Paper 03, the SBA, to be done as a research project focused on the development of skills. It was noted that there would be a single SBA for the cognate group and that group SBA was also encouraged.

The finalised syllabuses for CAPE Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be submitted for SUBSEC’s approval in October 2017 and will be available for teaching in September 2018, and first examinations in May/June 2019.

SUBSEC approved the finalized CAPE History Syllabus which now sees the syllabus beginning in the 1800s, inclusion of the study of the slave system, expansion of the list of relevant resources, and amendment to the content to ensure that the scope is appropriate to the CAPE level.

The CAPE History Syllabus will be available for teaching from September 2017 and for first examination in May/June 2018.


Revised syllabuses for subjects in the CSEC business cluster were approved at the April meeting.

The meeting approved the finalised syllabuses for Economics, Principles of Accounts and Principles of Business. The major changes to the business subjects include group SBA, a single SBA for candidates sitting more than one subject in the business cognate, and the SBA to be structured to focus on skills common to the business cognate. Other changes common to all three subjects include revision and refinement of the Aims and General Objectives, clarification and elaboration of Specific Objectives and Content, as well as the inclusion of Suggested Teaching and Learning Activities in each section of the syllabus.

The assessment for each subject comprises a Paper 01 which consists of 60 multiple choice questions; a change in Paper 02 to five compulsory questions drawn from the entire syllabus, and an SBA in the form of research activity which focuses on the assessment of business skills.

The syllabuses for CSEC Economics, Principles of Accounts and Principles of Business are effective for teaching from September 2017 and for examinations in May/June 2019.

Theatre Arts Syllabus

The proposed revised Theatre Arts syllabus was considered by SUBSEC. The major changes in the proposed syllabus include: revision of the rationale, aims and general objectives; clarification and elaboration of the specific objectives and content; and re-organisation of the syllabus in keeping with the Council’s policies on syllabus development. In particular, the reorganization result in a compulsory core and options to be taken from A-Drama, B-Dance, and C-Stage Crafts. The assessment will now include a Paper 01 consisting of 60 multiple choice questions focused on the core; Paper 02 which assesses practical skills in the chosen option and requires candidates to participate in performance; and Paper 03/1 which requires candidates to critique a production and write a research paper.

The finalised CSEC Theatre Arts syllabus will be submitted to SUBSEC for approval in June 2017 for teaching in September 2017 and first examinations in May/June 2019.

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