CCSLC Did You Know?

When the UK National Recognition Information Centre (UKNARIC) conducted an international benchmarking of CCSLC, it gave CCSLC a very good rating. Among the observations UK NARIC reported were the following:

“Comparatively analysing the CCSLC’s English, mathematics, integrated science and modern languages syllabi against similar subjects at lower secondary school in Queensland, Ontario, New York and the UK reveals similarities in curriculum content, learning outcomes and school-based assessment tasks at years/grades generally comparable to the first two or three years of secondary education.”

“For example, in the CCSLC English syllabus, students are expected to produce convincing arguments in speech, which is also expected by Ontario students at Grades 9 and 10. At Key Stage 3 in the UK, students are expected to give short speeches expressing their own ideas, and in Australia and New York at Year/Grade 9, students are expected to present an argument based on a literary text.”