Communicating Mathematics

Mrs Brendalee Cato, Assistant Registrar in the Examinations Development and Production Division (EDPD) represented CXC at a conference hosted by the St Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, from 23-25 October 2017. The theme of the conference was “Developing Teaching and Learning Skills in the Mathematics Classroom”. Mrs Cato facilitated two sessions: Bridging the Math Instructional Gap for Grades 5-8, and Developing Communication Skills in Mathematics Grades 5-8.

The first presentation included strategies for identifying and bridging the math instructional gaps. The strategies include, curriculum alignment, collaboration among teachers, implementing the spiral curriculum, using a constructivist approach to teaching that fosters active student participation, and integrating technology in the teaching/learning process.

The second presentation focussed on mathematics as a language, and the critical role of communication in learning mathematics.  It included the communication framework for mathematics. This framework had three dimensions: communication about mathematics (metacognition), communication in mathematics (Using mathematics language and symbols), and communication with mathematics (using mathematics to solve problems).