Copyright Permission

Copyright Permission




(As adopted by CXC’s Administrative and Finance Committee, 22 October 2010) 

  1. Permission to use copyrighted materials of the Caribbean Examinations Council (hereafter referred to as “CXC®” or “the Council”) is granted in accordance with the provisions of the CXC Intellectual Property (IP) Policy. All persons making applications for the use of any of the Council’s copyrighted materials are expected to review, and be conversant with, this Policy which is available at

     A.  General Provisions

  1. Where permission is granted, this permission shall be limited to the specific book or publication and to the one edition thereof which had been named in the application to the Council. Permission for online publishing is granted for a fixed period of two years.
  1. Acknowledgement of the Council’s permission to use any of its material must be made in the published work using the Council’s correct title, which is the “Caribbean Examinations Council” and notice of copyright. Individual acknowledgement of examination questions must be made.
  1. Prior to publication, the author must send to the Council, a draft of the sections where these materials have been referenced and, on publication, three copies of any work in which CXC materials have been quoted. In the case of online publishing, a link to the webpage must be provided prior to being made available to the public.
  1. Required disclaimer(s) and credit line(s) must be included in all third-party materials on the copyright page or on the home page. If materials are presented in a language other than English, the credit line(s) and disclaimer statement(s) must appear in English as well as in the country’s language.
  1. The Council prohibits prominent references to its copyrighted works for sales, marketing or promotional purposes.
  1. The applicant must declare in writing that he/she intends to act in accordance with the conditions specified by the Council.
  1. Where the copyrighted materials contain references to other materials, the copyright of which is not owned by the Council, it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to obtain such copyright permission(s) from the copyright owner.
  1. The fees contained herein are subject to amendment by the Council at its discretion.
  1. Failure to act in accordance with these provisions will be considered a breach of these terms and conditions, and may lead to the withdrawal of the publication or, in the case of online publishing, CXC’s material from the website. 

    B.  Past Papers

  1. Not more than twenty per cent of any single examination paper is to be published, the exception being that schools may be allowed, subject to obtaining prior approval from Jamcopy ( on behalf of the Council, to photocopy whole papers which are out of print (and therefore no longer on sale by the Council’s publishers) for use by their students but not for sale.
  1. The following will not be made available for publication:
  • specimen questions;
  • multiple choice items;
  • mark schemes;
  • questions published in the most recent three years of CXC past papers booklets and up to and including the current examination year (where applicable).
  1. CXC questions may not be:
  • published with model answers or similar information or notes of any kind;
  • altered in any way;
  • quoted in books or on websites which consist wholly or even mainly of exercises, questions and question papers.
  1. Fees for the reproduction of examination questions must be paid to the Council as set out below: 

       Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC®)

  • US$150.00 for up to five questions
  • US$300.00 for six to fifteen questions
  • US$500.00 for sixteen to thirty questions
  • Quantities over thirty to be calculated at US$500.00 for the first thirty, and US$15.00 for each additional question.

      Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE®)

  • US$200.00 for up to five questions
  • US$400.00 for six to fifteen questions
  • US$750.00 for sixteen to thirty questions
  • Quantities over thirty to be calculated at US$750.00 for the first thirty, and US$20.00 for each additional question.

    C.  Syllabuses and other Documents

  1. Extracts from syllabuses, Regulations and related documents, and other CXC copyrighted materials may be reproduced subject to the submission of an application and the payment of a reproduction fee determined by the Council according to the quantum of the extract and the purpose for which it is to be used.
  1. To apply for permission, please complete the attached form and submit to:


The Intellectual Property Administrator
Caribbean Examinations Council
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Pine Plantation Road
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Revised: 13 May 2015