CXC 2016 Job Evaluation

CXC 2016 Job Evaluation

CXC engaged a consulting firm to perform a systematic review of all its positions at both Administrative Operating Centres.  This was done to ensure that existing and new positions are correctly categorized and that an equitable salary structure exists.

A comprehensive Job Evaluation exercise was conducted utilizing a renowned tool (The Hay Guide Chart© – Profile Method of Job Evaluation).  Based on the outcome of the Job Evaluation exercise the key objectives achieved included the following:

  • A system which determines the relative value and weight of individual jobs under a fair and equitable assessment process – utilising a points system
  • A framework which will ensure that CXC staff are fairly and equitably compensated in relation to the responsibilities and duties required by the individual jobs
  • The category and level of individual jobs based on the job description(s), responsibilities and duties of the job
  • A framework to determine the ranking levels and the consequent salary range for existing and new jobs or jobs which have evolved and changed

Points were assigned to each role in CXC which were ranked and placed at the appropriate point in the assigned Salary Range(s).

The Job Evaluation exercise was done in conjunction with a compensation survey amongst an agreed selection of comparator organisations.  Based on the results of the survey, CXC positioned itself to pay at the 50th percentile (Mid-Point) of the market.