CXC Business Partners Meeting

CXC Business Partners Meeting

The returned meeting of CXC business partners which was held on 9 and 10 March was a resounding success with most of the overseas business partners invited, attending the two-day meeting in Barbados.

The first day dealt with the CXC Learning Portal. Howard Campbell, Senior Assistant Registrar – Syllabus and Curriculum Development presented a framework for the portal. This stimulated a lot of discussion and allowed the business partners to see how they can all contribute to making it a success.

Friday 10 March dealt with integration of systems being used at CXC for various processes. The session was led by Senior Assistant Registrar – Information Systems, Rodney Payne. The day ended with CXC and its partners much clearer about what needed to be done to make integration occur and the role of various partners.

The meeting was a follow-up on discussions which commenced November 2016 when a CXC team visited the UK and met with several business partners in London.

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