CXC Hosting Interns

The Interns are here! The Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) welcomes a team of interns from tertiary institutions in Barbados for a two-month stint. The eight young minds will be sharpening their skills and knowledge while working along the CXC staff until 31 July in their respective areas of expertise. Meet the interns and learn a little about why they chose CXC.

Andrew Brathwaite
Programme: Computer Science, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill campus
Information System Department
“I applied because I just finished UWI and I was looking for a start, so instead of just applying for jobs I decided to apply to internships too. The main thing I would like to get to of this is some experience and just the work etiquette and to get accustomed to being at work”
Sherise Bovell
Majors: Accounts and Economics, Barbados Community College
Clerical Intern
Human Resource Department
“I applied because I was looking for work experience mostly, and to do it in an environment like CXC I thought it would be a good opportunity for me and see how I would fit into an organization like this. What I would like to gain from this is work ethic where it builds my character and I become more confident and people can see that I am confident when I’m doing my work.”
Che-Leslie Cox
Programme: Computer Science, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus
Information Systems Department
“I applied for the internship for experience and I hope that when I’m done I’m able to develop my computer science skills and be able to apply it in the world of work or whatever I plan to do.”
Ayesha John
Major: Business Studies, Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic
Clerical Intern
Examinations Administration and Security Division
“I wanted a job attachment because I like Business Studies and I wanted to work in an office. I want to continue working in an office in Business Studies.”
Jurad Mason
Majors: Accounts and Marketing, Barbados Community College
Clerical Intern
Finance and Office Management
“I applied because I needed the experience in Accounting because in my previous internship I was in Marketing and I’m going on to further my education in Accounting so this would give me the opportunity to see how accounting is in an organization and how to work with different people with accounts. I hope to gain insight on how it feels to work in a firm or business doing accounts and how it fits into the day to day business.”
Darion Maynard
Programme: Business Studies, Barbados Community College
Clerical Intern
Examinations Administration and Security Division
“I thought it was a good opportunity and I could learn a lot of stuff from it. Just in case BCC doesn’t work out I would have some place to come back and apply for a job.”
Shamar Mondere
Major: Law, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus
Legal Intern
Corporate Services
“I applied for the post of legal intern at CXC because I thought it was a great opportunity for me to utilise what I would have learnt through my journey in my LLB and actually put it in practice, by working along with someone who is practising and see how I could put those talents to use. What I want to accomplish at the end of this journey is to be able to say I have worked with an attorney and I was successful in helping him or her accomplish the tasks they have. It would also assist me with some level of growth to show that it’s not only knowledge, but that I have some practical experience as a legal intern.”
Khrystal Walcott
Programme: Mass Communications, Barbados Community College
Clerical Intern
Office of the Registrar
“I was given the opportunity in my programme to apply for the internship and graciously accepted because even though my passion lies in journalism, there is still so much more that I can learn, enabling me to grow in my career. I hope that by the end of the internship, I would have expanded on the skills I entered with and can proudly say that I learnt new things and had new experiences that would be beneficial to me in the long run.”