CXC Learning Hub in Beta-Testing Phase

CXC Learning Hub in Beta-Testing Phase


27 September 2018 |

Subject: CXC Learning Hub in Beta-Testing Phase

The Caribbean Examinations Councils (CXC) is one step closer to developing the revolutionary tool tailor-made for the Caribbean education market – CXC Learning Hub.

On Monday 1 October, a selected group of learners and teachers from across the Caribbean will commence beta testing the CXC Learning Hub. In conjunction with the developers of the Hub, One on One Educational Services Limited, approximately one thousand students and teachers from seven Caribbean states will have access to the Hub as they test its various features.

The initial beta test will be conducted for one month and testers will have access to all the current features of the Hub. These features include assessment tools, Specimen Papers, study resources including sample study guides; and general resources including, syllabus, exemplars, subject/examination report and mark schemes; and digital toolkits for various subjects.

Beta testing will help CXC and One on One to refine the features of the Learning Hub based on testers’ feedback to improve user experience in the final product.

“We are very excited to be at this phase of the development of the CXC Learning Hub, and we are working to ensure we have the very best product.” Dr Carol Granston, Pro Registrar of CXC stated. “We look forward to receiving feedback from beta testers and refining the features of the hub to meet the need of users. We believe that the CXC Learning Hub will revolutionise the education landscape in the Caribbean and your feedback will help make this happen.”

The CXC Learning Hub is a web-based facility that when completed will provide users with a single access point to resources that support teaching, learning and assessment of all products in the CXC suite of offering: CPEA, CCSLC, CSEC, CVQ and CAPE.

The Learning Hub will be launched in early 2019.

Persons interested in participating in the beta test may contact CXC via e-mail at and logging onto