CXC Meets Stakeholders in Cayman

A two-member team from CXC’s Western Zone Office visited the Cayman Islands and met with stakeholders from 28-30 May. The team comprised Dr Carol Granston, Pro Registrar and Debbie-Ann Hall of the Syllabus and Curriculum Development Division. Meetings were held with Ministry of Education officials including Mr Christen Suckoo, Permanent Secretary and Chief Officer, and Ms Cetonya Cacho – Deputy Chief Officer, Education Policy and Planning.

The team also held a town hall meeting with secondary school teachers at the at Prospect Primary School; and met with students of Clifton Hunter High, John Gray High, Cayman Academy and Layman E. Scott High School; and with the executives of the National Parent Teachers’ Association.

During the discussions CXC provided information on its strategic direction, introduced the New Generation CAPE subjects and the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA); and, provided information on the syllabus development process.

Some highlights of the engagement include the keen interest exhibited by students in the New Generation CAPE subjects, particularly Animation and Game Design and Green Engineering, e-testing, introduction of SBAs for English and Mathematics and accessing information.