CXC Team Goes on E-Testing Study Tour

A five-member CXC team recently visited the Education and Testing Services (ETS) in New Jersey, United States as part of a work/study tour in preparation for the introduction of electronic testing (E-testing) of CXC examinations. The tour provided much insight into the world of online testing and assisted members of the team in their quest to understand and in some cases, validate their own approaches to this most important move by CXC.

CXC plans to begin the roll out of e-testing services to its 19 Participating Territories during 2017 and team members are excited to be able to assist in preparing the next generation of test-takers with authentic, appropriate and modern ways of engaging their world.

CXC’s partnership with ETS is a strong and trusted one, going as far back to CXC’s formative years in 1974 when ETS assisted CXC in its establishment and subsequent training initiatives. The multiple choice papers offered in the first CSEC examinations in 1979 were also processed at ETS.

Team-CXC-at-ETS Team-CXC-at-ETS_with-ETS-official