CXC Vision 2020

CXC Vision 2020

In the beginning, CXC was very innovative, using the research and technology that existed at the time. The question for us now is, if CXC were to be established today, what technology and research would be used.

Given what transpired in 1973, the founding fathers would be using the e-technologies which would add value – quality, efficiency and reliability – to the services and products of the Council.

CXC has a proud past, but the tools of the past are not fit for the present and certainly not fit for the future. CXC has charted a path with the Strategic Plan 2015-2020.

Now is the time to plan for 2020 and put in place the tools and attitudes which are essential for a sustainable organisation; one which can carry out the mandate given by the governments of the region and certify a larger, more competent workforce.


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