Have you registered for your e-Certificate?

If yes, first you must receive an email from cxccerts@cxc.org then follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the free mobile app.

When you receive the invitation from cxccerts@cxc.org, download the Blockcerts App (Google or App Store). Once installed, it’s recommended that you copy your secure passphrase and store it somewhere safe. The passphrase lets you prove that you own your certificates if you ever delete the app or lose your phone.

Step 2: Add CXC as an issuer.

Once you have installed the app, click the link in the email to add CXC as an issuer. You only need to add them once; after that, they can send you as many certificates as you earn.

Step 3: Add your certificate to the app.

You will receive a second email from CXC with your actual certificate attached (3 – 7 days later). This file is your Blockchain Certificate. You can store your passphrase wherever you store your other important data files. Click the link in the email to add the certificate to your app, which will make certificate sharing and online display easy.

For more information click here: e-Certs

Be sure that your email is active and that the e-mail from CXC hasn’t dropped into your junk mail!

If you haven’t yet register for your e-Certificate, register on CXC Website at www.cxc.org/e-certs

This is valid for persons who did exams from June 2007 or later.

Please note:

E-Certificates are FREE for candidates who sat 2018 exams. For sittings between the year 2007 and 2017, there is a processing fee of BDS $210.00 (US$105.00) for each certificate and a non-refundable search fee of BDS$ 10.00 (US$5).