In response to queries about E-SBA, the Registrar responded that effective May/June 2016 examinations administration, two major changes have been made to the processing of SBAs. They are:

  • Submission of group work
  • Submission of SBA samples in electronic format or E-SBA

With group work, a teacher cannot select both Group and Individual SBA for the same set of candidates for a single subject. The teacher MUST either

  1. a) select Individual SBA, if candidates are working individually. The teacher will then be directed to the SBA Data Capture Screen; OR
  2. b) select Group SBA, if the candidates are working in a group. A group must consist of two or more candidates startgames.info/moneyslots/.

The Registrar also met with representatives of St George’s University based in Grenada to discuss articulation agreement and credits for students presenting CAPE courses.

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