Independent Platform for e-Testing Mass Trial and Student/Teacher Practice.

CXC®, through engagement with the stakeholders at ministries and schools, has offered to provide a platform for schools to become familiar with electronic examinations. This is expected to assist in the preparation of students to participate in CXC e-Tests.

However, due to the security considerations, CXC’s LIVE platform needs to be completely separated from that which will be accessed by teachers and students. The Examinations Administration and Security team has been tasked with executing the ‘mass trial’ for the e-Testing that allows candidates doing 2019 CSEC Math and EnglishA to participate in:

  • Stress test of the platform and supporting infrastructure (Wi-Fi, Internet, scalability)
  • Record level of stakeholder readiness (i.e. centres, schools, local registrars, candidates)
  • Provide feedback to candidates on preparedness for examinations (i.e. immediate scores for MCs, teacher graded P2 EnglishA)

The timetable for the mass trial begins March 19 – 29 and continues April 26 – 30, 2019.