Live Pre-testing

Live Pre-testing

CXC will commence live pre-testing of its questions in the 2018 May/June examination cycle with multiple-choice questions.

The piloting of live pre-testing on constructed-response papers is planned for 2019, using similar approaches and the lessons learned in 2018 pilot.

Rather than pre-testing questions in a specific pre-testing exercise, the pre-testing will be conducted during “live” examinations. There are several benefits to be derived from live pre-testing according to Dr Yolande Wright, Senior Assistant Registrar – Examinations Development and Production Division. These include: access to well-prepared, motivated candidates without disrupting instructional time, the derivation of robust test statistics which will allow for better test construction and more efficient analysis of candidate achievement and most importantly and the provision of superior quality operational test items to test-takers.

To learn more about Live Pre-testing, please view a Let’s Talk episode on Live Pre-testing with Dr Yolande Wright by clicking this link:

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