Local Registrars and IT Officers to Learn about E-Testing

Local Registrars and IT Officers to Learn about E-Testing

As CXC moves towards the implementation of electronic testing or E-Testing in January 2017, Local Registrars and Information Technology Officers from Ministries of Education will get a first-hand view of the proposed e-testing platform. This, when CXC convenes meetings with stakeholders including Local Registrars, IT officers, ministry of education personnel and schools in from September.

During the meetings, participants will get an opportunity to interact with the new platform and familiarise themselves with its functionalities through demonstrations and discussions.

In addition, come October, CXC will provide all candidates with the ability to begin practicing in the e-testing environment as they prepare for their examinations.

As part of the public awareness programme, Director of Operations, Mr Stephen Savoury has been speaking to the media about the new e-testing initiative. On Wednesday 17 August Mr Savoury was a guest on Nationwide Radio in Jamaica current affairs programme Nationwide at 5. Four days later, on Sunday 21 August, he was the guest on CBC Radio, Barbados current affairs programme In the Spotlight hosted by Lisa Brome. During both programmes Mr Savoury spoke about the advantages of e-testing and why CXC has seen it fit to move in this direction.

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