Local Registrars meet in Barbados

The CXC Local Registrars from Participating Countries will meet in Barbados on March 3 and 4 at the CXC Headquarters. At the meeting, Mr Glenroy Cumberbatch, CXC Registrar will make a presentation to the Local Registrars on CXC strategic plan highlighting new initiatives such as e-testing, electronic pre-testing, e-authoring and an electronic badge for retrieving candidates’ results. The CXC representatives in the territories will also be briefed on new and revised regulations by the Examinations Administration and Security Division. These will include new regulations for script review and the CXC Associate Degree.

There will also be a session on School Based Assessment addressing issues of group SBAs, electronic SBA submissions, on-site SBA Moderation and e-portfolio for Visual Arts moderation.