Measurement Officers Present

Measurement Officers Present

Two Assistant Registrars from the Examinations Development and Production (EDPD) facilitated a workshop at the St Michael School in Barbados for the school’s management team, on Monday 4 September. Mr James Young presented on Management of School Based Assessment (SBA), while Mr Alton McPherson made a presentation on Test Development and Item Writing.

Mr Young’s presentation focused on ways in which teachers, students and parents can manage

the administration of the School Based Assessment (SBA). The presentation also outlined CXC’s policy as it relates to SBA and how it is operationalized within the school system

Mr McPherson’s presentation on Test Development and Item Writing was aimed at providing the management team of the St Michael School with the purpose of item analysis in a well-developed test development process. He highlighted the aspects of the complete test development process but focused mainly on item analysis. Topics presented were item difficulty, item discrimination, item reliability. He also shared with the team a simple way of calculating item discrimination and reliability, without complicated formulae.

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