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Information Technology IA

I'm looking for some sample IA for IT CAPE. Can anyone help me? Thanks...


Hi can you tell me when the Information Technology Unit 2 study guide is going to be finish?

Need to see outline for the IA for IT Cape. Thanks.

looking for a sample of the information technology IA

Hi there, you would need to contact your school regarding IA Samples/ templates.

hey...i am requesting too see some IA samples for CAPE Information Technology please...

There are no exemplars for the CAPE Information Technology IA on the website at this time.  Efforts will be made to post some after the 2014 marking activity.
In the interim, we advise that you consult with the teacher of Information Technology at your school or if you are a private candidate ask the Local Registrar in your territory to recommend a school that you may visit to chat with the IT teacher.

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