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CSEC/GCE AS Mathematics May/ June 2012

I know that CXC is now offering AD Mathematics for the first time and I noticed that the dates are 3rd May, 2012 and 12 June, 2012(from the draft of the time table). But I am currently in Form five, and I am sitting the AS Mathematics(GCE).

Are the dates the same for the AS Mathematics as they are for the AD Mathematics?


need to know the time table

cxc general maths past papers and time table

Hi there, see link provided for past papers
or you can contact your local bookstores.

need to know the time table

Hi there, please see link provided to access your timetable or contact your Local Ministry of Education.

need to see 2012 syllabus

Hi there, please see the link provided for the availability of syllabi or you can contact your local bookstores.

how was maths this year on my behalf i did not find it had but i needed a little more time to complete my paper in section 2 geometry and trigonometry..

paper two was a bit challenging because it was hardly speaking my language but paper two was very easy

when will maths & social syllabus come out for 2013??

Hi there, you would need to contact your local bookstores or visit the link provided

Hi everyone, i hope you find this website amazing as i did Check it out it as useful cxc past paper contents. Good luck!!!

I need some past papers for maths cxc from 2008-2012

Hi there, kindly contact your Local Bookstores for the availability of past papers.

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