Notesmaster – Supporting Education Continuity in Hurricane-affected Islands

Notesmaster – Supporting Education Continuity in Hurricane-affected Islands

CXC-Notesmaster has been very active administering and guiding multiple (Open Educational Resources) OER content creation activities over the past eight years.  These have yielded over 18,000 high quality resources aimed at improving the delivery and use of technology in the classrooms. August 2017 marks the conclusion of the most recent OER content creation activity producing over 900 resources. Another content creation activity scheduled to commence in October should produce even more resources and further widen the repository.

The OECS Education Development Management Unit and CXC-Notesmaster, have devised a Post-Disaster Support Programme for those islands affected by hurricanes Irma Maria, whereby the CXC-Notesmaster e-Learning platform will serve as a means of ensuring continuity in education.  This service will be offered at no cost to affected territories. Our team will be on the ground conducting workshops in the British Virgin Island with Dominica to follow.

The introduction of the Virtual Subject Associations available on the CXC-Notesmaster platform provides a more structured approach that will help supplement the post-disaster support programme for these affected territories. If your school would like to be a part of the CXC-Notesmaster post-disaster support programme kindly contact the Regional Manager of Notesmaster Mr Damon Clarke at or via telephone at 876-435-5971.

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