NOTICE: Use Of Blank Multiple Choice Answer Sheets In Examinations

Over the years, the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has provided pre-slugged multiple choice (MC) answer sheets to candidates taking the MC examinations in the CCSLC, CSEC and CAPE sittings. Candidates received the answer sheets customised with their name and the subject printed, and their registration number and test code already gridded.

Taking effect from the January 2020 CSEC sitting, any MC answer sheets distributed by CXC will be blank. This means that candidates will be required to write their name and subject, and grid their registration number and test code on the answer sheet.

Candidates are advised to practice completing the MC answer sheet prior to the date of the examination.

A specimen completed MC answer sheet is provided for guidance to candidates.

>> Click for a sample blank MC answer sheet <<
>> Click for a sample completed MC answer sheet <<