Panel Meetings for New CCSLC Subjects

Panel Meetings for New CCSLC Subjects

Last year CXC announced that Mandarin and Dutch will be offered at the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC). Plans are moving forward with the offering of these subjects. Panel meetings for Dutch and Mandarin are among four meetings slated for February.
Three of the meetings will focus on new CCSLC subjects and one on an existing CSEC subject. The CSEC Music Panel will meet from 1-3 February. CCSLC Dutch Panel meets on 7- 10 February, CCSLC Mandarin Panel meets on 14-17 February, and CCSLC Digital Literacy meets on 20-24 February.

Subject Panels are appointed by the School Examinations Committee (SEC) to advise it on all matters concerning CXC subject offerings. The panels are responsible for preparing syllabuses and recommending methods of testing. The panels also consider comments and suggestions on the syllabuses and examinations and recommends to SUBSEC desirable syllabus and examination modifications in the light of those comments.

Subject panels normally consist of five members for CAPE and six members for CSEC subjects. The members represent universities/colleges, the teaching profession, ministries of education and industry, however, other persons can be co-opted for special meetings. At least three members of the panel must be practising teachers of the subject.

Subject panels have continuing responsibility for reviewing the syllabuses and ensuring that the Council is kept abreast of the developments in curricula throughout the region.

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