Mr. Glenroy Cumberbatch


Council at its 46th Meeting in Jamaica on 5 December, 2014 appointed Mr Glenroy Cumberbatch as Registrar with effect from 8 December, 2014.

A Barbadian national, Mr. Cumberbatch joined the Council on 1 September, 2007 as Pro-Registrar, based at the Council’s Western Zone Office in Jamaica. From April 2014, he acted as Registrar following the resignation of Dr. Didacus Jules.

His professional experience commenced with his assignment as a teacher in 1975 after which he moved to the Ministry of Education in 1991 as Education Officer with responsibility for Mathematics. In this role, he assisted with the development of mathematics curricula, a remedial mathematics programme and the implementation of workshops for teachers. After four years, he was appointed Senior Education Officer (Planning, Research and Development). He served there for three years, after which, he was then promoted to the post of Deputy Chief Education Officer.