PM Thompson announces CVQ and CCSLC to start in September

PM Thompson announces CVQ and CCSLC to start in September

Come September this year, students in secondary schools in Barbados will be taking two additional examinations offered by CXC – CCSLC and CVQ.

That’s the word from Honourable David Thompson, Prime Minister of Barbados, as he presented the 2010 estimates in Parliament on 16 March 2010.

With respect to the CCSLC, Prime Minister Thompson said it will be mandatory for all students at the secondary level to take the examination. He said it will represent the base qualification for all secondary school leavers.

It will place particular emphasis on increasing the number of school leavers, who have the appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies to successfully enter the job market or to embark on some form of economic enterprise.”

He explained to Parliament that CCSLC is flexible and makes provisions for students with varying abilities to complete the requirements for the award of the certificate according to their level of readiness.

The Prime Minister added that CXC in developing the syllabus for the programme was careful to incorporate the relevant content, competencies, attitudes and values that are required for the workplace.


Speaking about the CVQ, Prime Minister Thompson explained that it is a competency-based qualification which would give all students the opportunity to leave secondary school with a certification in a skill.

Three of the benefits highlighted by the Prime Minister are that the CVQ will enhance students’ qualification for entry-level employment; it will contribute to a well-trained workforce and it will facilitate the movement of skilled persons within the Caribbean Single Market and Economy.

The CVQ, he said, is in keeping with government’s pledge to make school a rewarding experience for every child and to ensure the relevance of education to the national development goals.

The CCSLC was introduced in 2006 and the first examination offered in 2007. Currently 11 Participating Countries offer students for this examination.

CVQ was introduced in 2008 and currently two countries, Trinidad and Tobago and St Kitts and Nevis have submitted candidates for CVQs.