Recognition of CXC qualifications

Recognition of CXC qualifications

CXC is of the view that its qualifications are candidates’ passport to their destination anywhere in the world. It is therefore important that CXC’s qualifications are acceptable at the top universities around the world. Our stop today is in Vancouver to see what University of British Columbia (UBC), requires of Caribbean students presenting CXC qualifications.

UBC is rated as the number 2 university in Canada by US News and World Report for 2017, and number 36th in world by The Times Higher Education Rankings 2017.

UBC lists its requirements for a student coming from Trinidad and Tobago as follows:

Graduation from a university-preparatory program at a senior secondary school: Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination Certificates must be official. Photocopies are acceptable if certified by school principal, head, or counsellor. Notarized copies are not acceptable.

Admission average calculated on final year academic courses/exams: Grades required for admission will vary by program, but based on the Trinidad and Tobago grading scale, the minimum average needed to fall within the competitive range is approximately 2.5.

If a student applies to study Applied Biology, the specific requirements are Math (CAPE Unit 2); Two of Chemistry, Physics, or Biology (CSEC)

If the student applies to study Applied Science (Engineering), the requirements are Math (CAPE Unit 2); One of Chemistry or Physics (CAPE Unit 2); and Chemistry and Physics (CSEC)

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