Syllabus and Curriculum Development

Syllabus and Curriculum Development

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) has over 35 years’ experience in syllabus and curriculum development. The syllabus provides the blueprint for all CXC examinations and under the guidance of Syllabus Officers, subject panels (comprising subject matter experts and technical experts from across the region) prepare syllabuses for all subjects examined by CXC. The officers responsible for syllabus development have graduate qualifications and several years of experience in curriculum development and related activities and years of experience in the classroom.

CXC reputation in curriculum design is built on our approach to curriculum development that ensure course content reflects academic, technical and vocational within a single certification. Our syllabuses also reflect tenets of the Ideal Caribbean Citizen as well as the UNESCO Pillars of Learning for sustainable development. The CXC curriculum development process is based on the assumption that a coherent programme of study must not focus only on the development of knowledge but must also include the development of related skills and attitudes.

With the expertise at its disposal, CXC ® is well placed to work with government, NGOs and private institutions to develop programmes that will enable a smooth transition from one level to another within the education system.

The services CXC ® is able to provide through the Syllabus and Curriculum Division are:

  • Programme Design and Evaluation
  • Development of syllabuses for academic and technical courses
  • Development of skill-based programmes
  • Training in syllabus and curriculum development procedures
  • Development of learning support resource materials for teachers and students