Stakeholder engagement continues

Stakeholder engagement continues

Stakeholder relationship management continues to be one of CXC strategic focus this year. As a result, CXC has been meeting with a wide cross section of stakeholders in Participating Countries over the last three weeks. Stakeholder engagements were held in Anguilla, Barbados, Belize and St Lucia during the month of February. The CXC team met with ministry of education officials, teachers, CXC National Committees, parents, third form students, private education institutions and the private sector, inclusive of employers’ confederations, chambers of commerce, and hotel and tourism associations.

In Belize, engagements were held with the Minister of Education, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Education Officer, and technical officers in the ministry of education. Meetings were also held with members of the Parent Teachers Associations, Belize CXC National Committee, principals, and teachers’ associations.

The engagements focused on key developments taking place at CXC, including electronic marking, electronic testing, online practice tests, improving learning support, and the applicability of CXC qualifications. The meetings with third form students and parents looked at subject selection in relation to career paths and the importance of third form in students’ lives.

In March stakeholder engagements will be held in Grenada and Guyana.

To listen to a radio interview given by the Registrar and AR-PICS in Anguilla, click this link:

To view television interview given in Anguilla by the Registrar and AR-PICS, click this link:

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