Stakeholder engagements – St Vincent and the Grenadines

A CXC team comprising Mr Glenroy Cumberbatch, Registrar and Mrs Deborah Currency-Hunte, SAR – Human Resources met with various stakeholders in St Vincent and the Grenadines during the week of 4-6 May. Meetings were held with ministry of education officials including Honourable St Clair Jimmy Prince, Minister of Education; Ms Deborah Charles, Parliamentary Secretary; Mrs Morine Williams, Permanent Secretary; Ms Lou-Anne Gilchrist, Chief Education Officer; and senior management at the Ministry of Education.

Engagements were also held with members of the CXC National Committee, principals of secondary schools, parents and third form students, and the private sector.

During the engagement sessions stakeholders raised concerns about connectivity, and the availability of IT resources and for e-testing. Some also expressed that there was a difficulty with the deadlines for submission of the science practicals and also suggested that the formulae for CSEC Physics examination be provided similar to what is done for Mathematics.