Stakeholder meetings with BAPPS and Registrars

Stakeholder meetings with BAPPS and Registrars

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) hosted two stakeholder meetings at its Headquarters in Barbados with educators in mid-September.

On Thursday 15 September, CXC hosted the member of the Barbados Association of Principals and Public Secondary Schools, (BAPPSS) for a one-day stakeholder engagement. During the meeting, CXC staff made presentations on several topics of interest to the principals: CXC at Work, Strategies for Collaboration, International Recognition of CXC Qualifications, CXC Suite of Qualification, and Electronic Testing. The principals also had a feedback session where they were able to ask questions and seek clarification on issues of interest to them and their students. Electronic testing generated a lot of discussion as principals spoke about the state of readiness of their schools.

Members of BAPPSS pose with CXC staff


A member of BAPPSS making a point during the meeting

A half-day meeting with registrars of tertiary institutions was held on Friday 16 September. Similar presentations were made to the registrars. During the meeting an appeal was made to registrars to encourage their staff to serve as CXC resource persons on Subject Panels and Examining Committees.

Mr Glenroy Cumberbatch, CXC Registrar speaking during the meeting. Mr Stephen Savoury, Director of Operations and Mr Kemaul Persaud, Director of Corporate Services are to his right.


Mr Roger Worrell, Registrar of the Barbados Community College and Ms Venessa Buchanan Williams of the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica

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