Additional Mathematics


This Additional Mathematics course provides a variety of topics with related attributes which would enable Caribbean students to reason logically using the prior knowledge gained from the CSEC General Proficiency Mathematics. Candidates are expected to enter this course of study with a solid foundation of algebraic knowledge and mathematical reasoning.

On completing this course students will be able to make a smooth transition to higher levels of study in Mathematics, or move on to career choices where a deeper knowledge of the general concepts of Mathematics is required. This course of study, which includes fundamentals of Pure and Applied Mathematics, caters to diverse interests enabling students to develop critical-thinking skills applicable to other subject areas. This course thus provides insight into the exciting world of advanced mathematics, thereby equipping students with the tools necessary to approach any mathematical situation with confidence.

The syllabus is arranged as a set of topics, arranged in four sections as follows:

Section 1 Algebra and Functions
Section 2 Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry
Section 3 Introductory Calculus
Section 4 Basic Mathematical Applications