Applied Mathematics

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The main emphasis of the applied course is on developing the ability of the students to start with a problem in non-mathematical form and transform it into mathematical language. This will enable them to bring mathematical insights and skills in devising a solution, and then interpreting this solution in real-world terms.

Students accomplish this by exploring problems using symbolic, graphical, numerical, physical and verbal techniques in the context of finite or discrete real-world situations. Furthermore, students engage in mathematical thinking and modelling to examine and solve problems arising from a wide variety of disciplines including, but not limited to, economics, medicine, agriculture, marine science, law, transportation, engineering, banking, natural sciences, social sciences and computing.

The syllabus is divided into two (2) Units. Each Unit comprises three (3) Modules.

Unit 1: Statistical Analysis

Module 1 Collecting and Describing Data
Module 2 Managing Uncertainty
Module 3 Analysing and Interpreting Data

Unit 2: Mathematical Applications

Module 1 Discrete Mathematics
Module 2 Probability and Distributions
Module 3 Particle Mechanics

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