Digital Media

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In the Caribbean, knowledge and information are increasingly communicated through digital images and electronic media. The creation and manipulation of digital media serves to disseminate this information and build bridges to the evolving national, regional and international society in the digital era. Digital Media competencies are therefore of great relevance and practical value. By increasing the cadre of digital media practitioners, such as content creators, animators, web developers, graphic artists and mobile app developers, the region secures the skillsets and knowledge base that are essential to building and sustaining the digital economy in the Caribbean.

The CAPE Digital Media Syllabus offers students the opportunity to acquire a variety of experiences and skills in the areas of digital media conceptualisation, design and development. It also fosters interest and enjoyment in the practical application, production and consumption of digital media and seeks to develop informed citizens, competent practitioners and raise the standard of digital media production among students and across industry.

The Digital Media Syllabus consists of two Units of 150 hours, each comprising three Modules of 50 hours each. Each Module is compulsory.

Unit 1: Digital Media Fundamentals

Module 1 Understanding Digital Media
Module 2 Digital Media Ecosystem
Module 3 Creative Solution Design

Unit 2: Applied Digital Media

Module 1 Visual and Interactive Design
Module 2 Web and Digital Publishing
Module 3 Mobile App Development