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Geography is the study of the physical features of the earth and how it is impacted on by human activity. The development of geographical understanding and the ability to appreciate how physical and human forces interact to give identity to places and to create recognisable spatial patterns is central to the study of this syllabus. It facilitates an understanding of the causal relationships at different geographic scales – local, regional and global.

In addition, it contributes to an understanding of the central issues emerging from human exploitation of natural resources. It seeks to prepare persons for the increasing number of work situations in which integrative and graphical skills are important. Moreover, the syllabus focuses on the development of an awareness of the importance of living in harmony with the environment, respect for cultural heritage and an understanding of the need for the sustainable use of resources and the consequences of their misuse.

This syllabus consists of two Units, comprising three Modules each. Each Module is compulsory. Each Unit comprises a physical, human and integrated component. Each Unit forms a coherent course of study, which should prepare candidates for the world of work, and further studies at the tertiary level.

Unit 1: Population Geography, Geomorphic Processes and Hazards

Module 1 Population and Settlement
Module 2 Hydrological, Fluvial, Coastal and Limestone Environments
Module 3 Natural Events and Hazards

Unit 2: Climate, Economic Activity and Development

Module 1 Climate, Vegetation and Soils
Module 2 Economic Activity
Module 3 Development and Disparities in Development

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Geography Unit 1

Geography Unit 2