Modern Languages


The Caribbean Region is an exciting synergy of diversified cultures, as reflected in its languages, art forms and cuisines. English, Spanish, French and Dutch are the official languages of the region and are widely used around the world.

Today, Caribbean people often interact with each other and are consequently faced with the demand to function in a range of language situations. Therefore, second language learning can facilitate greater efficiency in interacting with others in the area of commerce, culture, education, sports and technology. The ability to understand and use a foreign language contributes to the development of an individual’s self-esteem and can enhance one’s enjoyment during intra- and extra- regional travel.

On a personal level, learning a second language promotes respect, tolerance and appreciation for cultural and linguistic diversity, fostering greater harmony, regionally and globally. This syllabus will contribute to the development of the Ideal Caribbean Person as articulated by the CARICOM Heads of Government. Through the exploration of beliefs, values and behaviours, students develop respect for human life, cultural heritage and the environment thus enabling them to view the target culture from a perspective of informed understanding. It also maximises opportunities in the field of education, training and employment.

The Council has developed this programme to provide students of the Caribbean with language skills to communicate effectively with French and Spanish speakers within the region. Additionally, the Council is of the view that the programme will encourage students to improve their language skills for participation in the increasingly complex global environment.

The syllabus is arranged in five modules namely:

MODULE 1 KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU Self, Family, Friends, Neighbours, Pets and The Community
MODULE 2 SEE ME ON THE GO School and Daily Routine
MODULE 3 LET’S LIVE IT UP! Sports and Leisure and Eating Out
MODULE 5 WATCH ME GROW Professions and Occupations, Future Plans and Travel